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When I first came to Lisa, I was suffering considerable pain due to Psoriatic Arthritis. I was skeptical that acupuncture could make a difference. As with any autoimmune disease, flare ups can range from mild to severe, from somewhat painful to completely debilitating on any given day. Finding a professional that understands about that has not always been easy.

The charming and serene atmosphere of the clinic puts you at ease immediately, and Lisa’s attention to your issues is first class. She’s gentle, knowledgeable and incredibly compassionate. As she talks you through the process of the treatment at hand, it allows you to relax and lets her work the magic! The combination of therapies that she offers, which include acupuncture, massage, cupping and others together with her complete competence at each and ability to choose the combination that will be best for you, is incredible. Lisa also has, in my opinion, an innate gift for healing that just can’t be learned.

Not only has Lisa treated me but several members of my family. That includes helping my son and grandson recover from a car accident, and my daughter and husband deal with more chronic issues. Every one of us have experienced very positive results from Lisa’s treatment and the whole family heartily recommends Lisa. G.

I highly recommend Lisa to anyone who is looking to improve their physical, mental, or emotional well being.

My husband and I have been seeing Lisa for the past 2 years and we are absolutely thrilled we found her so close to our home in Sidney, BC. Lisa is a very kind, gentle, caring, extremely knowledgeable, and highly skilled professional. She is very thorough in assessments and provides customized holistic treatments. Lisa combines a variety of treatment approaches and techniques with herbal formulas to address the actual source of the problem. Lisa is truly amazing. Her painless treatments yield immediate results. I always walk away from the treatments free of pain, calm and fully relaxed.

Thank you, Lisa. You are a life changer!

I have seen Lisa on and off over the last 5 years for tremendous help with a good number of issues - whiplash, frozen shoulder, torn rotator cuff , plantar fasciitis, digestive issues and hormone balancing. Lisa is very present and a great listener; she takes the time to sit down and review your symptoms and has an incredible skill for knowing which treatment suits best. I always feel refreshed and have pain relief right away. Her office space is calm and relaxing and her style is caring and kind. She holds space for you and your healing, I always look forward to our sessions. I highly recommend Lisa, it is a gift of healing you give yourself.

I have been a client of Lisa’s for the past two and a half years. During this time she has consistently treated me with respect, her amazing acupuncture professional skills and her keen intuitive wisdom. Lisa is also trained in Chinese medicine which has changed my life given my recurring bouts of stomach ulcers.

I have the highest regard for her and recommend her without any hesitation.

Before seeing Lisa, I had received other Acupuncture treatments but didn't feel I got much out of it. After seeing Lisa over the course of a few months I have noticed major changes. After my first session my sleep improved and I am no longer up early or in the middle of the night. I have also seen some relief in PMS symptoms and feelings of "brain fog" from hormonal fluctuations and anxiety. Besides all of this I always look forward to a session with her just for the fact that it gives me an hour to myself to relax. Her massage and acupressure therapy were a nice bonus to my acupuncture treatments. Thank you Lisa!

I had never tried Acupuncture before, it may have been a mixture of being scared and skeptical but after years of chronic pain and more recently acute pain I decided to educate myself about the modality. Fortunately my first experience was with Lisa. She was warm, compassionate and attentive before, during and after my treatment. For me she used a blend of Acupuncture (not as painful as I thought) cupping and massage and I left feeling relaxed and improved. As she also shared tips for home care which were very helpful. I am a believer and would definitely recommend Lisa to anyone who is tired of suffering!

My left foot is feeling much better after being treated by Lisa. She has researched plantar fasciitis and is well aware of the pathways, neurologically speaking, that are affected. She has increased circulation and relieved muscle tension in my left foot. Also, she is currently treating my right hip. Her knowledge of Acupuncture is helping my right hip to heal. She is a very positive person and her treatment setting is very beneficial to my overall healing.

Great relaxation. I always come away from Lisa’s treatments with a sense of well-being, and I always look forward to the long term effects of the treatment, such as control of my migraine headaches.

For a number of years I have had a problem with my upper back and shoulders. About five years ago, the pain worsened and became persistent to my neck, my left shoulder, and my left upper arm. My course of treatment had been taking different medications for pain, muscle relaxants, and exercises. Things have changed since I started going for Acupuncture therapy with Lisa Cumberland.

With the course of treatment, I slowly reduced taking pain medications. I have reached the stage now that I only take pain medication when I really need it. Thanks to the wonders of alternative treatment, most especially Acupuncture and Tui Na (Massage) therapy.

I would recommend Acupuncture and Tui Na to everyone, and would highly recommend Lisa Cumberland. She always addresses your specific problems for that visit by asking about them when you come in. She is very pleasant, caring and compassionate. She stands apart from other therapists I have seen for her knowledge, professionalism and her innate ability to improve and resolve pain issues.

My energy is flowing with ease and I feel calm and also full of vitality at the same time. Lisa is a healer with intuition and skills… a very powerful combination.

Lisa is one of the most caring, compassionate people I have ever met. Her kindness and her ability as an intuitive healer have helped me through a difficult period in my life. I highly recommend Lisa, both as an individual and as a therapist. Anyone who uses her services would benefit greatly from her skill as a Registered Acupuncturist as well as from her gentle personality. I am extremely appreciative of the assistance Lisa has given me.

Lisa, I just wanted to say thank you for helping me get through one of the most physically challenging times in my life. I tried many different types of therapy and your techniques, skills and knowledge helped the most to alleviate my lower back and sciatic pain, as well as to get me on track to health again. I have recommended you to numerous people at work and hope to see you again soon.


My experience is always positive and I feel myself beginning to heal as soon as I walk in the door. Lisa is professional, caring and very qualified at what she does. The space she has created is very spa-like and it sets the tone for relaxation.

Lisa was amazing. Calm, professional, knowledgeable and gentle. I left the clinic clicking my heels!

As usual, I felt totally taken care of and heard , relaxed and the feeling stayed with me for several hours and I slept well that night. Thank you for your excellent service and skills. I am totally thankful for being your patent.

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